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"It Weren't Me, It Were the Zoloft"

15 years ago by Steven Devadanam
Blame it on the rain. Ah, good ole' technical difficulties. We apologize for the delay this morning in the posting. Now that the deluge has stopped, we promise we'll get back on track. In the meantime, we've had fun watching KHOU's in-the-slammer interview with the guy who led police on...

Did Texas Prison Guards Drive Marinda Griggs to Kill Herself?

3 years ago by Margaret Downing
On a late September day in 2015, Inmate No. 1455104 was supposed to be standing quietly in line for a midday prison count in the women’s unit at a Gatesville prison. But Marinda Griggs, a longtime epileptic, could feel a seizure coming on and asked to go to the medical...

Do Rappers Really Give Away Vehicles to Fans? Help!

4 years ago by Willie D
What's on your mind? What isn't? Ask Willie D!

Do Texas Prison Reforms for Transgender Inmates Go Far Enough?

5 years ago by Meagan Flynn
When a transgender woman named Sarah went to prison, the Texas Department of Criminal Justice did not allow her to bring her hormone treatments with her because she didn't have a prescription. For transgender men and women who rely on hormone therapy for both their mental and physical health, this...

My Girl Took Part In An Orgy. Help!

6 years ago by Willie D
MY SISTER USES MY THINGS WITHOUT PERMISSION Dear Willie D: I’m 16 and my sister is 19. She is always wearing my clothes, my shoes, my makeup, my jewelry; everything. I’m sick of looking for my stuff and finding out later that she has it on. My mom refuses to...

Pixar's Inside Out Is Brainy - but Will Make You Bawl

6 years ago by Amy Nicholson
The first time we cry, as a newborn, might be the purest emotion we ever feel. We sob — a raw mess of tears and terror — and a big human rushes to give comfort. Mentally, the connection is made: My feelings trigger a response, be it hugs or milk...

Fountain of Youth: The Low T Industry Cashes in on Some Dubious Science

7 years ago by Sky Chadde and Susan Du
Joshua Carr is 54 and in solid shape, with a healthy weight and average build. He'd been feeling a bit tired in the days before he got his blood drawn for his yearly physical, but he didn't volunteer that to his family doctor because he didn't have illusions about his...

Houston's 10 Best Concerts Between Now and Labor Day

7 years ago by Houston Press
Note: this article has been amended to reflect the fact that Death Grips is no longer with us. Antemasque Fitzgerald's, August 4 After putting on some of the most exciting live shows of the last decade with their bands At the Drive-In and The Mars Volta, El Paso natives Omar...

Binti Lee Will Never Speak the Same After a Houston Hospital Misdiagnosed Her Stroke

7 years ago by Dianna Wray
The words were gone. She had no memory of falling. Binti Lee's boyfriend, Andre Brown, then 30, was in the other room when he heard the thump, a dull, heavy sound -- like a lead weight hitting the floor. Brown walked into the living room and saw Lee, then 34,...

Treating a Mystery: A Disease Named Pandas May Be Causing Frightening Changes in Children

7 years ago by Craig Malisow
One night, when she was about nine, Reagan Rhodes insisted to everyone in earshot that she was going to die in her sleep. Since she'd expire in a matter of hours, she had to say good-bye to her family. This information was conveyed in piercing, sob-soaked screams that chilled everyone...

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