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LEAP HR: Retail Conference 2019, Austin

Wednesday, March 20, 9:00AM @ AT&T Executive Education & Conference Center
LEAP HR: Retail [people leaders' conference in Austin] is a true opportunity for people leaders from store and online retailers to find out how to empower and motivate their people to win in a...

Podcast: Josh Brolin in Spike Lee's Oldboy Remake and Turkey Day Recommendations

5 years ago by Art Attack
Photo by Hilary Bronwyn Gayle - © 2012 - OB Productions, Inc. All rights reserved.Download this week's Voice Film Club podcast before you get on the plane or maybe listen to it on your way to a restaurant where you'll eat turkey and get a little drunk on red wine."I...

The Peddler

8 years ago by John Nova Lomax
On November 15, 2001, an intern with the Harris County District Attorney's office handed veteran in-house investigator John Lemerond a file on a couple of seemingly shady travel Web sites called Myowntravel and Academy Travel. Both of those sites were run, in whole or in part, by a 29-year-old two-time...

Inspect Yourself

15 years ago by Richard Connelly
Houston's mayor and City Council, in their never-ending effort to bend over backwards for developers, have come up with a positively surreal proposal: Instead of using city inspectors to make sure new homes and other construction is up to code, let builders hire their own inspectors. If you think this...

Blurred Vision

18 years ago by Jennifer Mathieu
Jim Kennedy seems like the kind of man who would be welcomed by any community. A longtime resident who made his money from hotel and property management, this grandfather has always taken an interest in improving his hometown. Back in the early 1980s Kennedy made headlines when he founded and...

Jewels and Justice

19 years ago by Melissa Hung
Last December, Mike Plummer waited in line behind a gaggle of ladies at the David Yurman trunk show at the Galleria Neiman Marcus. Dripping with diamonds and compliments, the ladies shook hands with the New York designer in town to promote his latest jewelry line. Yurman, for those not up...

Flame On

17 years ago by Robert Wilonsky
When Joe Quesada, writer and illustrator of comic books, went to work as a freelance contractor for Marvel Comics three years ago, he found the so-called House of Ideas in ruin. The comic-book industry was, as Quesada recalls, "going down the toilet": Every month, 10 to 15 percent of readers...

We -Store-It, U-Lose-It?

18 years ago by Brad Tyer
Kendra Cuyler has lived the better part of the past 15 years immersed in the two professional subcultures that most people, given even half a choice in the matter, spend most of their lives assiduously trying to avoid. One is the tangled undergrowth of Harris County's civil and criminal court...

Reality TV Bites

17 years ago by Jennifer Mathieu
It was so early it was still dark out when Chad and Shani Walter woke up on the morning of November 27, 2001, in their three-bedroom home in Humble. They got in their car and drove down Highway 59 South to Houston. The plan was for Chad to drop Shani...

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