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Take-Out Reviews: Fajitas A Go Go

12 months ago by Carlos Brandon
There's no two ways around it, folks. This sucks. The worsening COVID-19 pandemic has affected every level of our society, leaving many of us stranded in our homes, some of us jobless and many others forced to keep working in high-risk environments. You've probably heard it already, but perhaps no...

Mardi Gras in a Pandemic: Dine In, Take Out or Stay Home

24 days ago by Lorretta Ruggiero
On February 16 the 2021 version of Fat Tuesday will be here and though it may look a little different this year, there are still plenty of ways to get your Mardi Gras on. The parades may be canceled and the debauchery near non-existent (it is a semi-religious holiday, after...

These Houston Restaurants Are Offering Romantic Takeout Options This Valentine's Day

1 month ago by Brooke Viggiano
Planning a Valentine's Day date night at home this year? These Houston restaurants are here to help, featuring preorder and to-go options that will help up the romance factor, from indulgent prix fixe meals to bubbly, sweets and more. For those who prefer to dine out, check out our Valentine's...

Reviews For The Uneasily Quarantined:
Billie Eilish: The World's A Little Blurry

7 days ago by Pete Vonder Haar
Title: Billy Eilish: The World's a Little Blurry Describe This Movie In One "Fame" Lyrcs: DAVID BOWIE: Is it any wonder I reject you first? Brief Plot Synopsis: Teen singer has all the feels, wins all the Grammys. Rating Using Random Objects Relevant To The Film: 4 tarantulas out of 5. Tagline: "A...

Album Review: Kikagaku Moyo Evolve in Live at Levitation

22 days ago by Connor Fields
In treading through the annals of rock music, it’s hard to argue that any approach to the genre has been more persistent than psychedelic-rock. From the jangling opening riff of 13th Floor Elevators’ “You’re Gonna Miss Me,” to the outpouring of groups that flocked to Haight-Ashbury in the late-60s (therein forging a widespread counterculture), to the shoegaze sounds that swept the U.K. throughout the 90s, rock artists have continuously found new ways to interpret the ever-malleable, wide-ranging sound of psychedelic music. Aside from modern pop’s incorporation (*cough* appropriation) of the genre’s aesthetic, the national craze around this music and its culture is clearly not as prevalent as it once was, when thousands of young Americans blew off their middle-class expectations for the Learyology of “dropping out and tuning in”. Since the start of the decade, however, a more subtle independent scene has been brewing...

The COVID Vaccine’s Extraordinarily Music-Free Playlist

15 hours ago by Jesse Sendejas Jr.
You can hear music anywhere, if you listen for it. That’s not just the plotline to Zoe’s Extraordinary Playlist, it’s also a personal credo and has been the premise of music articles I’ve written here before, and the fun of the exercise is finding music in challenging places, sites where...

Best Virtual Bets: Art Heist, Beethoven, and Crazy Rich Asians

19 hours ago by Natalie de la Garza
This week's best virtual bets include music, film, and a walking theater experience.

Abbott's Decree: Houston Restaurants Respond

1 day ago by Lorretta Ruggiero
Governor Greg Abbott delivered an executive order March 2 lifting the state mandate on masks and face coverings in public while giving the go ahead to all businesses, including bars and restaurants, to return to full capacity, as we reported here in the Houston Press. Caesar's decree has gone out...

Upon Harden's Return, Rockets in Search of Signature Star

2 days ago by Jeff Balke
James Harden returns to Houston for the first time with the Brooklyn Nets Wednesday as still one of the best players in the NBA. While Harden and the Nets are one of the best teams in the league, the Rockets are one of the worst and desperately in search of...

CoolXDad Supports History, Art and Family Ties

2 days ago by DeVaughn Douglas
Sitting in the lobby of the Dakota Lofts downtown your eye is immediately drawn to the black and white floor that resembles a giant chessboard. A small group of people mill around the life size board as they await instructions. Before anyone has a chance to start creating their own...

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