Amalfi: A Closer Look

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"While the interior decor at Amalfi isn't glamorous, it's not bad, either. There's a long bar, a mirrored wall and white tablecloths all around. The centerpiece is a small stone pizza oven inset in a wall of cheerful white, yellow and blue tile.

You'd think that with that in the center of the room, the pizzas would be terrific. The Diavola pizza belies this notion. "Diavola" means "devil" in Italian and when used in the name of an Italian dish, the term means that it's spicy." Want to know how the pizza at Amalfi turned out? Find out in our review, "Amalfi Doesn't Offer the High-End Dining Experience That Houstonians are Right to Expect." PHOTOS BY TROY FIELDS.