Anti-Trump Protests Take Creative Turn in Houston

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Photo courtesy of the artist and Matt Adams
"George Sand," pen and pencil on magazine cutting by Reinaldo Egusquiza, was on view in the juried exhibition, "The First 100 Days: Artists Respond."
With so many recent rallies against decisions made at the city, state and federal level, it makes sense that creativity will eventually go beyond the font choices and slogans of protest signs and banners. In Houston, Matt Adams (president of the Visual Arts Alliance, art blogger and collector), called on artists to take action by participating in a one-night-only juried exhibit on April 29 titled "The First 100 Days: Artists Respond," which was curated by Adams. It appears that artists far and wide are "mad as hell" and they're "not going to take this anymore!" For more information, visit thefirst100daysartistsrespond.com.