Athletes Converge in Houston for Fittest Summer and Branch Warren Classic

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Photo by Mitchell Nguyen
2017 NPC Branch Warren Classic
NRG Park was buzzing on July 15 with athletes converging for tests of brawn and stamina. All photos by Mitchell Nguyen.

The annual GASP Super Show & Expo, featuring the 2017 NPC Branch Warren Classic, dominated the day. Athletes competed in this National Physique Committee event in bodybuilding, figure, fitness, bikini, men's and women's physique, and classic physique divisions. Wrestling, jiu jitsu and pole sports rounded out the day.

It was also time for the Fittest Summer 5, presented by CrossFit Forney, with athletes competing in the RX division (perform all benchmark workouts and main site "workouts of the day" without scaling), plus scaled and masters (over 45) divisions.