Chill Vibes at Insomnia Gallery's Photography Exhibit in Eastwood

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Doogie Roux
All the cool kids came out to Insomnia Gallery in Houston's East End to view more than 80 images in the August 11 exhibit, "Through The Viewfinder Vol. 3 - Photography Exhibition." Eureka Heights Brewing Company provided craft beer and guests enjoyed a visit from The Crêpe Machine food truck and a cotton candy cart. All photos by Doogie Roux.

Participating photographers included Alan Castelan, Alexandra White, Alicia Craven, Brandown Brown, Dan Joyce, Daniel "Panic" Hernandez, Daniel Jackson, Daniel Tamez, Edoardo Villanueva, Eli Medellin, Elvis Alvarez, Francisco Montes, Francis Panes, Jafet Soto, Jason Bundage, Jason Ixcamparij, Jesse Greene, John Mader, Jordan Asinas, Jorge Luna, Leo Sosa, Nadine Berns, Quite Frankly, Raymond Harkness, Scott Holleman, Talha Khawaja, Vash and Zach Schmidt.