Screwston, Texas

Houston Celebrates June 27th at Barbarella

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Doogie Roux
June 27, 1996, it was DeMo's birthday and he was the second one on the mike at DJ Screw's house. Accompanying him was Big Moe, Key-C, Yungstar, Big Pokey, Haircut Joe and Kay-Luv. The group freestyled over Kriss Kross' "Da Streets Ain't Right," instrumental chopped-and-screwed. At 35 minutes long, this went on to be the most famous track released by DJ Screw. More than 20 years later, the track is held in high regards by fans as it embodies the signature sounds and culture of Houston. DJ Big Sleep, DJ Shante, and Things With Todd dropped classic and recent hits that stemmed from this very track throughout the night at Barbarella. (Photos by Doogie Roux).