Houston Memento Mori Show Helps Us Remember We Will Die

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Doogie Roux
Texas Art Asylum hosted "Remember You Will Die – A Memento Mori show" this weekend in Houston. Works by more than 30 local artists reminded us of our mortality and the shortness and fragility of life. Photos by Doogie Roux.

Participating artists included Dr. X Atelier, JJ Baker, Ruben Bernal, Danielle Brush, Christian Carr, Meagan Dwyer, Matthew Farnham, David P. Fitzgibbons, Lily Gavalas, Taryn M. Gray, Valerie Gudell, JP Hartman, Cathy Hookey, Vicky Jaeger, Solomon Kane, Daniela Koontz, Jodi Larson, Silvia Majocchi, Mary Martin, Penny McDonald, Christian Navarrete, Robert Nicholson, Faith Pruneda, Steve Sellers, Eleanor Smithard, Ana Soto, Cameron Strong, Alisa Tutt, Gary Watson, Michael Cody White and Teresa Winkler.