Houston's Soul Control Presents ElectroBounce - "Hue" Do You Love? ft. EDICA+

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Doogie Roux
Brought to you by DJ Elevated & DJ Anarchy, Soul Control continues its musical journey of dance music, playing genres including but not limited to New Orleans Bounce, Twerk, Soul, Funk, Reggae/Dancehall, Afro-Beat and House. Saturday night's "Hue" Do You You Love? featuring New York's EDICA+ was a high energy dance and movement based party at Bauhaus, designating each attendee's current relationship/social status with a special colored wristband: Turquoise - Single - "If You're Hot, Shoot Your Shot!", Orange/Blue Stripes - It's Complicated - "Take A Chance, Ask Me To Dance!", Purple - Boo'd Up - "Takin, Just Here For The Shakin!" (Photos by Doogie Roux)