King's BierHaus Ventures Into the Seven Kingdoms with GoT Trivia Night

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Eric Sauseda
King's BierHaus staffers dressed as characters from Game of Thrones
We all know that winter is coming, but how are you on some of the more esoteric factoids about House Bolton, the Night's Watch and the Seven Kingdoms? King's BierHaus hosted a Game of Thrones trivia night on September 6, pitting more than 70 teams of rabid George R.R. Martin fans in hot pursuit of the Iron Throne. Competitors noshed on yummies from the themed menu — Dragon's Eggs, Lemon Cakes, Hot Pie's Meat Pies and other creatively-titled dishes — while competing for gift cards, King's BierHaus swag and bragging rights. The hosting venue veered from its normal German-style menu to serve up drinks like Milk of the Poppy, The Battle of Blackwater Bay and The White Walker. (Photos by Eric Sauseda for the Houston Press)