Local Brewers Pay Tribute to Saint Arnold Classics at Flying Saucer

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Doogie Roux
All hail Saint Arnold, the patron saint of brewers. Revelers packed Flying Saucer Draught Emporium on June 5 as part of a week-long celebration of the 23rd anniversary of Houston's original, Saint Arnold. To pay tribute to the Houston-based brewing company and Texas legend, the Fellowship of Houston Beer (five local breweries) rolled out their own take on Saint Arnold classics.

  • Lone Pint – Brock the Night Away (Imperial Black IPA) – Tribute to Santo
  • Eureka Heights – Chop Shop IPA (Triple Dry-Hopped IPA) – Tribute to Art Car IPA
  • Brash – Knutsens Farm – Tribute to Weedwacker
  • Southern Star – Extravagant Yard Cutter (Hoppy Kölsch) – Tribute to Fancy Lawnmower
  • B-52 – Bishop’s Gone Wild (Kettle Soured Amber Ale with Raspberries and Blackberries) – Tribute to Amber Ale
  • All photos by Doogie Roux.