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Red Bull BC One Camp Puts on One Big Dance Party With Cars in Houston

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Photo by Doogie Roux
To celebrate the city of Houston’s dancers, artists and hip-hop culture, Red Bull brought its BC One Camp to Houston. The three day event focused on dance lovers and rising stars. This past weekend was packed with workshops, lectures, competitions, a block party and more at The Secret Group in Houston. Red Bull BC One Camp Houston engaged dancers and fans with dedicated programming to bring these local scenes to a global audience. (Photos by Doogie Roux)

Dancers, Talent and Artists included:
Les Twins
RoxRite Official
JaQuel Knight
BBoy Ronnie
Jeskilz of Cypher Adikts
Blacka Di Danca
Crazy Legs
Mike Song
Ape Drums
Santa Muerte-Music
House of KENZO