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Roundup & Best Bites Competition Opens Rodeo Houston Festivities

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Photo by Kate McLean
Veteran rodeo city-slickers and greenhorns alike moseyed about the Reliant Center last night feasting on braised meats, popsicle treats and much, much more.  Whistles were wet as bottles kept poppin' and all that could be seen far and wide were ace-high folks enjoying a hog-killin' time.  Both the people and judges took a cotton to Grazia's Italian Kitchen (People's Choice), Broken Barrel (best appetizer), Ouisie's Table (best entree), and AshleyCakes (best dessert.)  A round of claps please for the masterminds running this impressive operation and the hundreds of gracious volunteers who made it all possible; tonight was only the beginning.  Best pony up and make plans to visit the wonderful world of Rodeo Houston. (Photos by Kate McLean)