Stone Vertical Epic Takes Over the Flying Saucer

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Last night at the Flying Saucer, Stone Brewing Co. released all ten of its Vertical Epic Ales at once - including the latest 12.12.12 batch - for a once-in-a-lifetime tasting experience. Guests were able to sample all ten ales side-by-side in a vertical tasting that spanned an entire decade's worth of brewing. Concieved by Stone Brewing founder Greg Koch in 2001 as an experiment in brewing and aging beer, a different recipe of Vertical Epic Ale has been released in limited batches every year, beginning in 2002 with the 02.02.02 Vertical Epic. The entire run of eleven beers was brewed with the express purpose of being tasted side by side after December 12th 2012, or 12.12.12. It is a project and event of such massive scope that it is - so far - unrivaled in American craft brewing history. PHOTOS BY JOSHUA JUSTICE