The 12 Most Valuable Comics Today, Ranked

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Flash Comics #1
This first edition of the popular Flash collection introduced fans to the superhero with super-speed. This comic is now worth more than $200,000.
Every year as Free Comic Book Day approaches (the first Saturday of May), there's often water cooler discussion about which new releases will stand the test of time and become worthy of the acid-free envelope with pressed board backing treatment.
What's in your collection? Do you have any of the oh-so-valuable rare first editions that have skyrocketed in value over the years? Take a look at the 12 most valuable comics in the world today and then hurry to your mom's attic or basement to see if your comics have survived cobwebs, leaks and the ravages of time.
Props to the comic-savvy folks over at gocompare who have the 411 on turning comic books into an investment opportunity. They've got graphs and charts and stats and it appears that comics appreciate faster than gold.
So here it is: The 12 most valuable comics today, ranked.