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The Public Art of Houston, Then and Now

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"Synchronicity of Color" by Margo Sawyer is on view at Discovery Green.
Public art is a topic that's sometimes controversial; there's that love it or hate it argument, and it seems we're always relying on the generosity of philanthropists. But there's no denying that art is inspirational, causing many a photographer (both amateur and pro) to try for that perfect shot. Good thing, too, as it is the best way to preserve the memory of temporary installations as well as those pieces looking for their next home. Here's a round-up of some public, civic and corporate art (past and present) in the Houston area. We took a look at photos shared with the Houston Press Flickr Pool (thank you very much) and supplemented the pics with a few of our favorites.

Photo via CC from jjsala, JWSherman, Patrick Feller, Ed Schipul, Katie Haugland Bowen, Jerald Jackson, brando.n, David Van Horn, Poor Ole Rich, Let there be light (Andy), sandrafdzh, Osbornb, Shannon McGee, Keri, James, Jenn, Lorie Shaull and David Houston. Additional photography by Katya Horner.