The World's Most-Traveled Chair Finds Home Base in Houston

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Photo by Sean Blake, creator of The Untitled Chair Project
Micah Simmons (MICAHtheARTIST) at Winter Street Studios.
Sean Blake, creator of The Untitled Chair Project, began his mission to build awareness for bone marrow registration when he learned of a young girl in Abu Dhabi who was looking for a match. Of the more than 15.5 million registrants in the database, only 45 were from the Arab world, so her chances of finding a donor were almost nonexistent.

Coupled with the loss of his best friend Doug to Leukemia in 2013, Blake set out with a mid-century Diana F+ camera, a purpose, and a creative way to draw attention to the cause. He asks people — sometimes famous, sometimes not — to pose with the red chair. In return, they receive a mounted print of one of the images.

Blake tells us that, with the advances made in medicine, donating bone marrow is no longer the arduous, painful process that it once was. For information about registering as a Houston-based bone marrow donor, visit

Today Blake lives in Houston and works a day job, but he hopes to take the chair and the Diana on the road again, this time on a motorcycle with a sidecar. While he's still here, though, he's looking for a few more souls to pose with that red chair. For information about The Untitled Chair Project, visit him at