Urban Eats: A Closer Look

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"Urban Eats is an all-in-one bakery, espresso bar, deli (downstairs) and a bar and full-fledged restaurant (upstairs). It's one of many multipurpose eateries that have sprung up around Houston, including Tout Suite, Weights + Measures and Woodbar.

The selection of pâtés, Italian deli meats and cheeses on the first floor practically begs to be taken to a park for a picnic in the springtime air. Besides the gourmet goodies, there's a coffee and espresso bar, a bakery, and grab-and-go salads and sandwiches. A few booths upholstered in red hide in a cozy nook in the back and counter seating hugs the walls, perfect for diners seeking brief respite from the outside world." Find out more about Urban Eats in our review, "Urban Eats Puts New Spins on the Classics That Really Work."