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Witness the Amazing Art and Macabre Ephemera at The Wilde Collection in the Heights

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Photo by Max Burkhalter
Hillbilly taxidermy. Can you guess what part of the animal became the face?
The Wilde Collection in the Heights, curated by visionary owners and artists Lawyer Douglas and Tyler Zottarelle, features an avant-garde collection of Victorian oddities, creative taxidermy and eccentric art.

If you like what you see here — and who wouldn't — then be sure to register early for their October 28th “Till Death Do Us Part” event. Imagine a haunted wedding with a ghostly bride, a jilted groom, a scorned widow, a diabolical priest, a decaying cake and decrepit décor. Visit their Facebook event page for the 411 ... if you dare.

All photos by Max Burkhalter.