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5 Best Penis Extenders for Permanent Penis Enlargement (2021 Reviews)

Penis extenders, also known as penis traction devices or penis stretchers, are safe, non-surgical devices that slowly lengthen the penis over time. Studies have shown that men who use these devices experience a penis enlargement of 48% while flaccid and 67% while erect.

With so many penis extenders on the market, you may have trouble determining which ones are safe, effective, and suitable for your needs. To help you through the search process, we have compiled a list of the best penis extenders of 2021.

We evaluated all of the top penis extenders on the market on factors such as comfort, price, safety, penis extender reviews, and guarantee.

If you’re ready to improve your confidence with a bigger penis and better sexual performance, here are the best penis extenders on the market.

Top 5 Best Penis Extenders of 2021

Quick Extender Pro: Best results overall

Jes-Extender: Best for penis straightening

Male Edge: Best penis extender on a budget

SizeGenetics: Most comfortable penile traction device

Phallosan Forte: Most well-known penis extender brand

#1 Quick Extender Pro: Best overall

If you're looking for a fast-acting, comfortable penis extender that stands out from the competition, Quick Extender Pro is your best option.

Quick Extender Pro is a top-rated penis extender device that has benefited thousands of men around the world. This device is currently the only penis extender to utilize a double-strap support (DSS) system, maximizing tension while optimizing comfort during usage.

This double-strap support system includes two medical-grade silicone tubes that apply controlled tension to the shaft. Unlike other devices, Quick Extender Pro applies up to 4,000 g of spring force tension, depending on your setting, allowing for faster penis enlargement than the competition.

Quick Extender Pro also utilizes deluxe pads to make the device as comfortable as possible during extended use. The device's medical-grade comfort pads allow you to wear this penis extender longer than the competition, leading to faster penis growth overall.

To use this device, simply secure the DSS tubes over the penis shaft and head. The device will apply a constant stretch to the penis, creating painless, microscopic tears along the shaft. Your body will heal these tears over time by generating new penis tissue through mitosis and cytokinesis.

You can choose how much tension to apply and how often to wear the extender to suit your schedule and comfort levels. However, the more often you wear the Quick Extender Pro device, the faster you will see results.

We appreciate that Quick Extender Pro offers discreet billing and delivery and that the company manufactures all of its products in the U.S. Additionally, Quick Extender Pro produces visible, permanent results within the first two to three weeks of use, making it one of the fastest-acting extenders on the market.

If you're looking for an effective way to improve penis length and girth quickly, Quick Extender Pro will suit your needs well.

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#2 Jes-Extender: Effective Penis Enlarging Tool Since 1995

New penis extender devices enter the market frequently, but you cannot always trust new devices to offer the same quality as tried-and-true options. If you're looking for a device with a long history and extensive pool of customers, the Jes-Extender is the device for you.

The Jes-Extender is a penis enlargement device that has been in production since 1995. This product has satisfied more than 500,000 customers since its creation, and the company's numerous positive reviews showcase the real-life results the device can create for men.

Wearing the Jes-Extender can produce benefits such as:

Increased penile size

Improved erection strength and duration

Prevention of premature ejaculation

Correct penile curvature

Improved self-confidence

The device creates these effects by applying continual tension to the shaft and by keeping the penis in a specific position during use. Along with lengthening the shaft through cytokinesis, this penis extender also helps correct penile curvature by firmly gripping the penis in a straight, tight position.

Men who have Peyronie's disease have seen noticeable improvements to their penis curvature after using the Jes-Extender device. This product has also been beneficial for users with chordee, a condition that produces curvature at the head of the penis.

Jes-Extender customers typically achieve 28% permanent penile growth, with the best results occurring after four months of use. Most users wear the device for five to six hours per day, creating a 10% increase in erection length within two to three months.

You can continue wearing the Jes-Extender device as long as you would like, and you will continue seeing improvements as long as you wear the device. After stopping usage, your results will stay the same.

Overall, the Jes-Extender is a tried-and-true penile traction device suitable for any man looking to increase penis size and girth.

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#3 Male Edge: Penis Lengthener With Good Reviews

Some penis extender companies claim to produce outstanding results without showcasing any data or testing to back up their claims. If you're looking for a company that produces documented, supported results for penis length, Male Edge is an excellent choice to consider.

Male Edge is a penis traction device that comes from the same parent company as the Jes Extender. While this device offers many of the same benefits as the Jes Extender, the company designed MaleEdge to focus more on comfort and ease of use, making it ideal for the average man.

Male Edge offers three penis extender devices:

The Basic model

The Extra model

The Pro model

The Basic model includes the device only, while the other two packages also contain accessories to streamline your penis enlargement process.

These penile extenders use phalogenic traction to stretch the penis tissue and enlarge the shaft in girth and length. Along with increasing size, Male Edge can also help correct penile curvatures, even those associated with Peyronie's disease.

This company surveyed real customers to examine its device's effects on penis enlargement and girth. These surveys found that most users experienced several centimeters of growth across a span of 500 to 1,179 hours of use.

To see the best results, you should work up to wearing the Male Edge device for five to six hours a day, every day. Wearing the device for at least four to six months in duration can result in average growth of 28% in erection length and 19% in girth.

Male Edge has worked for men of all penis sizes, and this device could work wonders for you as well. Overall, this product is an effective, clinically supported device that produces safe penis stretching.

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#4 SizeGenetics: High-quality Male Enhancement Device

Because penis extender devices require long-term use, the device you use must be comfortable and discreet. SizeGenetics is a powerful rod-based penis extender that uses a revolutionary ultimate comfort system to maximize support and comfort.

SizeGenetics is an FDA-cleared medical device that helps with penis stretching and enlargement. This device has been helping men for more than 19 years and has undergone thorough testing to ensure that it produces reliable, trustworthy results.

Wearing the SizeGenetics penis extension device can produce benefits such as:

Increased penis size

Correct penis curvature

Stronger, firmer erections

Improved performance in the bedroom

One way SizeGenetics maximizes comfort during use is by utilizing multi-directional (MD) angling technology. This technology allows users to wear the device from any angle while sitting or standing and remain comfortable.

Additionally, the SizeGenetics device is durable while remaining lightweight. The company designed this device to look and feel discreet during use, making it easier to wear the extender long-term.

Like the typical penis extender, SizeGenetics lengthens the penis by applying firm, constant stretching to the corpora cavernosa. This tension produces microscopic tears that lead to cell duplication, ultimately creating more tissue and increasing the penis size. SizeGenetics applies an impressive 2,800 g of tactic tension, which is almost 50% more pressure than the competition.

If you're still unsure whether SizeGenetics is right for you, you can take advantage of the company's money-back guarantee. This guarantee allows you to return your device for a full refund if it does not produce the stated results.

Altogether, SizeGenetics is a comfortable, wearable device that produces noticeable penis enhancement without any pain or adverse side effects.

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#5 Phallosan Forte: Top-Selling Penile Stretching Device

Most penis-stretching devices utilize similar designs with slightly different mechanics. If you're looking for a device that takes a unique approach to penile enlargement, Phallosan Forte is a suitable choice to consider.

Phallosan Forte is an orthopedic belt system that uses vacuum protector technology to apply continuous stretching to the penis. The device's parent company, Phallosan, has eighteen years of experience producing penis lengthening, straightening, and enlargement systems.

The Phallosan Forte device assists penis lengthening by stimulating the tissue, creating new cells that add to the shaft length. Unlike other penis extenders, the Phallosan Forte creates a gentle vacuum across the entire shaft, starting with the glans. This vacuum pressure makes the extender more comfortable and easier to wear than other products.

To use the device, simply slide the included protector cap over the shaft, then fit the device onto the protector cap. The vacuum prevents the penis glans from slipping out while creating enough belt tension to cause considerable growth. Meanwhile, the protector cap protects the glans and foreskin and prevents swelling or pain resulting from the vacuum tension.

You can wear the Phallosan Forte device for up to twelve hours each day, and many users simply wear it while they are sleeping every night.

Clinical testing found that the Phallosan Forte extender can increase penis length by 1.9 inches and penis girth by 0.98 inches after six months of regular use. This device applies up to 6.61 lbs of force through its highest setting, leading to fast, effective penile enlargement.

Overall, Phallosan Forte is a revolutionary penile extender suitable for any man looking for comfortable penis enlargement.

What Is a Penis Extender and How Does It Work?

A penis extender is a medical device that applies gentle, constant pressure across the length of the penis shaft.

These devices typically consist of a ring that slides over the shaft base, an adjustable rod that stretches the length of the penis, and another ring that sits just below the head. You can adjust the rod to apply steady tension across the length of your penis, stretching it over time.

Penis extenders lengthen the penis through the cellular processes of mitosis and cytokinesis. When the device stretches the shaft, microscopic tears occur along the length of the penis through the cellular process of mitosis. Cytokinesis divides the tissue cells of the penis over and over to heal these tears, creating new tissue that ultimately lengthens and enlarges the penis.

Penile traction devices also increase blood flow to the penis. Boosting blood flow makes it easier to achieve and maintain an erection, produces more intense orgasms, and makes sex more enjoyable overall. Combining these effects with an overall bigger penis size can create life-changing results in the bedroom.

While this stretching process may sound scary, most penis enlargement devices are entirely pain-free. At most, these systems may initially feel uncomfortable as you get used to wearing them.

Men wear penis extenders for a wide range of reasons, such as:

Increasing penis length

Increasing shaft girth

Treating Peyronie's disease

Correcting penis curvature

Treating erectile dysfunction

Improving erection size and duration

Overall, using a penis extender is a safe, effective, affordable way to increase penile length and girth without undergoing penis enlargement surgery.

What To Look For in The Top Penis Traction Devices

You can find dozens of different penis extenders on the market that vary slightly in size, shape, and design. While each of these products claims to produce similar results, not all penis extenders are created equal. Some utilize safe production methods and effective designs, while others could actually injure your penis with extended use.

As you search for the right device for your needs, you should be sure to examine the following qualities that make up the best penis extenders on the market.

Medical-Grade Devices Only

Penis extenders are medical devices, and you should only look for products that utilize medical-grade production methods and materials. Medical-grade also means that a physician was involved with the production process and has recommended the product for medical use.

The best penis extender products specify on their websites that their devices are medical-grade. If a product does not make this distinction, we recommend looking for another option.


To get the best results from a penis traction device, you should plan to wear the device for at least five hours a day for around six months. The best penis extender products are comfortable enough that you can wear them every day without experiencing any pain or discomfort that would prevent you from going about your routine.

As you search for the proper penis stretching device for your needs, you should make sure to examine the comfort level of each product. Products that include additional comfort measures and accessories will be easier to wear for the recommended period, allowing you to achieve the best results.

Amount of Tension

Penis extenders work by applying gentle tension to the penis that stretches the shaft cells over time. Typically, the more pressure a device uses, the more stretching the penis will achieve. However, if a penis enhancement device applies too much tension, it could be painful to wear for an extended time or even injure your penis.

The penis extenders reviewed on our list apply anywhere from 2,000 to 4,00 g of tension at their highest settings. We recommend staying in this range as you look for the right penile traction device for your needs.

Positive Reviews

Customer reviews are excellent indicators of a product's overall quality and effectiveness. The best penis extenders have more positive customer reviews than negative ones, indicating that the average customer finds these products beneficial and effective.

As you search for the right device for your needs, we recommend reading penis extender reviews from several sources. Examining what previous customers have to say about a device can help you predict your own experience with the product, making it easier to narrow down your choices.

Money-Back Guarantee

Penis extender devices cannot guarantee that their customers will achieve any specific results. However, many companies offer a money-back guarantee that allows you to receive a refund if you are dissatisfied with the product.

In many cases, you can only qualify for this refund if you show proof that you used the device for a specific period without seeing any noticeable results. Still, we recommend searching for penis extenders that offer a one-month or two-month money-back guarantee, as these companies tend to provide higher quality products than ones that do not guarantee their devices.

Fixing Penile Curvatures With Penile Extenders

Penis extenders are not only suitable for people looking to extend the length and girth of their penis. These devices can also benefit men looking to straighten or correct penis curvature.

Penises come in all shapes and sizes, and some have more severe curvature than others. For example, men who have disorders like Peyronie's disease can experience penis curvature of over 50 degrees, which often leads to other sexual performance issues. However, men may experience curvature due to injury or genetic predisposition as well.

Some men go their whole lives suffering through the effects of Peyronie's disease. However, penis stretchers are effective solutions that reverse curvature from Peyronie's disease, genetic abnormalities, injury to the penis, or other causes.

Penis stretchers correct deformed or curved penises by keeping them in a steady, straight position for an extended period. Gently forcing the penis into this position will create microscopic tears that eventually heal the penis in a more linear orientation.

Studies have shown that wearing penis stretcher devices for at least six hours each day can reduce penis curvature by over 38 degrees. If you're looking for an effective, pain-free, non-surgical way to treat Peyronie's disease or other curvature issues, a penis extender could be the solution you need.

Difference Between a Penis Stretcher and a Cock Sleeve

If you have done much research into penis extension techniques, you may have heard of a cock sleeve or penis sleeve. These sleeves act as artificial extensions for the penis that temporarily increase its length and girth during intercourse.

While researchers originally invented penis sleeves to allow men with erectile dysfunction to penetrate their partners, they have become more popular for recreational use. Today, men wear penis sleeves of various shapes and sizes to increase their penis sizes temporarily and provide additional stimulation for their partners.

The most significant difference between a penis stretcher and a cock sleeve is that penis stretchers produce permanent results, while sleeves are simply temporary enhancements. Therefore, you can equate penis sleeves to sex toys, whereas penis extenders are actual medical devices.

If you're looking to produce permanent improvements for your penis size and girth, a penis extender will suit your needs better than a sleeve.

Alternatives To Using a Penis Traction Device

If you would rather not purchase a penis stretcher, you can take several other measures to increase your penis length and girth. While these methods are not always as effective as using a penis extender, they can still help you achieve a bigger penis.


Jelqing is a manual exercise that mimics the effects of penis stretcher devices. To perform this exercise, you simply need to pull on the penis while partially erect, producing the microscopic tears that extenders create over time.

Most doctors recommend practicing jelqing exercises for about 20 minutes per day for several months to see the best results. While jelqing creates similar tension to penis stretcher devices, this tension will not be as constant or regulated, meaning you will not see noticeable results.

Penis Pump

A penis pump is a non-invasive medical device that men often use to treat erectile dysfunction. Penis pumps consist of a small tube, a constriction ring, and a battery-operated pump.

Placing the tube over the shaft and turning on the penis pump creates a vacuum that increases blood flow throughout the penis as it sucks air away. Once the penis becomes erect, the constriction ring helps maintain the erection long enough to have intercourse.

Penis pumps are excellent solutions for men experiencing sexual disorders that make them unable to maintain an erection. However, these devices do little to increase penis size or girth.

Male Enhancement Supplements

Male enhancement pills are natural, safe supplements that provide men with the nutrients, extracts, and vitamins necessary to obtain optimal sexual health. These supplements are suitable solutions for a wide range of sexual dysfunctions: low sex drive, poor sexual stamina, erectile dysfunction, and more. However, they do not produce significant improvements in penis size.


Some men choose to undergo surgery to correct penile curvature or increase penis length. However, we recommend trying the other solutions in this article before resorting to surgery.

Penile enlargement surgery can produce a range of adverse side effects, such as erectile dysfunction or loss of sensation in the penis. In general, it is best to try less invasive treatments, like penile traction therapy, before resorting to serious procedures such as surgery.

Are Penis Extenders Safe To Use?

You may be wondering if there is any risk involved in using penis stretcher devices. While these devices may seem scary at first, they are entirely painless and safe for most people. The tears they create along the shaft are so small that you will not see or feel them.

Most people do not notice any side effects while using the best penis extender devices. However, if you do experience side effects, they will be mild and may include symptoms like:

Skin irritation


A small number of users experience infections from these devices. However, your risk of infection will decrease dramatically by purchasing a high-quality, medical-grade device.

If you have any underlying health conditions, you may want to talk to a doctor before using a penis extender. Similarly, if you experience any significant pain or discomfort while using these products, you should stop using them immediately.

Overall, dozens of research studies have vouched for the safety and effectiveness of penis extender devices. Doctors often recommend these devices to patients looking for a safe way to increase penis length, and you can feel confident that they will produce noticeable, pain-free results for you.

How Much Do Penis Enlargers Cost?

The best penis extender devices cost anywhere from $100 to $400. These devices vary in price depending on several factors, such as the manufacturing company, the included accessories, and the materials they use.

We recommend staying away from penis extenders that cost less than $100. Generally, devices this inexpensive may utilize cheap materials or production methods that make them unsafe for use. If you're looking to purchase a high-quality, medical-grade device, staying on the higher end of the $100-to-$400 price range will ensure that the product you choose is at the top of its class.

Do Penis Extenders Provide Permanent Size Gains?

The best penis extender products create steady, noticeable improvements to penile length and girth over time. Because these devices work by creating new cells to heal the micro-tears along your shaft, their results remain permanent, even after you stop using your device.

How Long Does It Take for a Penis Enlargement Device to Work?

Some penis stretchers claim that they produce results within a few weeks. Other penis extenders suggest using their products for at least six months continually.

While some devices claim to be fast-acting, in reality, you should expect to dedicate at least several months of daily use to achieve the best results with your penis stretcher device.

In general, the longer you use a penis extender, the more significant your results will be. Though there is a limit to the results you can achieve, wearing the device for half a year or longer will allow you to notice the most significant length increase.

What You Should Know About Penis Extenders Before You Buy

If you have never used a penis stretcher before, you may not know what to expect once you begin using your device. Here are a few things you should know about these devices before you purchase one.

They Will Not Negatively Affect Your Penis Function

Some users wonder if they can continue having sex and going about their everyday sexual routines while following a penis stretcher regimen. While you should be sure to take off your device before sex, you can continue having sex as often as you did before using this device.

They Work Slowly

Penis stretchers are not magical solutions that instantly increase your penile length by several inches. In reality, they work slowly, with the best results occurring after six months of daily use.

You probably shouldn't use these devices unless you are dedicated to putting in the time and effort to achieving the best results. Wearing the device for a short time or for only a few minutes each day will not do much good for your penile length or girth, making it a waste of time and money.

They May Be Uncomfortable at First

While the best penis extenders are not painful, they may feel uncomfortable initially as your body adjusts to them. If you are like most men, you probably have not worn a device on your penis before. We recommend trusting the process and getting through the first few weeks of use, as your discomfort should subside after this time.

There's a Limit to Their Results

Penis extenders do have a limit to the results they can produce. You cannot keep wearing your device for years and expect to continue seeing growth. In reality, most men experience the best growth after six months of use, and users rarely continue using their devices for longer than a year.

Your Results Will Vary

Every penis is different, so it makes sense that each person will experience different results after using these devices. For example, while some men may achieve a 67% increase in length, your growth may be closer to 30% or 40%.

Still, it's rare for a user not to experience any results from these products. As long as you have reasonable expectations, you should be impressed by the size increase you experience after using your device for several months.

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