Murder, They Wrote

A Houston couple links up for a novel look at gory leftovers in the fridge

The Gardeniers, after their extensive research into such documents as plane registration numbers and pilot's licenses, concluded that Rogers, who'd worked as an engineer and geophysicist in Latin America, fled Houston. They insist he went to Mexico and later Honduras, where he was "pickaxed by campesino miners over a wage dispute."

A fitting end for a butcher, but not necessarily an end that would stand up in court or in a true crime book. The Ice Box Murders is written as fact-based fiction and supposition. There are many unnamed characters in the book: various politicians and attorneys as well as the eyewitness who said he saw Rogers in Honduras after 1965.

"There are still people out there alive who knew Charles Rogers," says Gardenier. "I hope when the book comes out they'll start talking." It's hard to say they are not obsessed with this case; they talk about the people involved as though they knew them, as though they were still alive.

The Gardeniers did extensive research for the book.
Troy Fields
The Gardeniers did extensive research for the book.
The remains of the parents are taken away.
Courtesy of Hughes and Gardenier
The remains of the parents are taken away.

"We'd like to do some more crime," says Gardenier. His wife makes a gagging sound. "Well, you heard that." They both laugh. Actually, this crime-sleuthing duo has already begun a second book for Redbud Publishing.

It's about personal finances.

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