Masters of Cyberspace

The Press hands out its first Houston Web Awards.

Kyle Nielsen

You know him from when he helped cover May's tragic botched bank robbery in downtown Houston with just his cellphone and quick fingers, and most recently uncovered fishiness with a certain beer festival's charity status. Kyle Nielsen is one of the city's most trusted and indispensable news bloodhounds, even outdoing those stuffy guys in suits on the big networks, and you don't have to sit through any commercials.

Best Use of Twitter by a Restaurant

Hubcap Grill

From a downtown bank robbery to a beer fest bust, Kyle Nielsen is Houston's one-man muckraking machine.
Photo by Jeff Myers
From a downtown bank robbery to a beer fest bust, Kyle Nielsen is Houston's one-man muckraking machine.
Andrew Karnavas, a.k.a. AndyRoo, is using his social media contacts to launch a children's music career.
Photo by Jeff Myers
Andrew Karnavas, a.k.a. AndyRoo, is using his social media contacts to launch a children's music career.

Ricky Craig's no-nonsense Twitter account matches his real-life personality to a T. The owner of the popular Hubcap Grill is engaging and funny with his customers and quick to call out those who he doesn't think support the Houston food scene. He's refreshing, honest and fun to follow.

Best Food Blog

Blue Jean Gourmet

Nishta Mehra doesn't write restaurant reviews. She doesn't interview chefs. She doesn't attend media tastings. She writes memoir-style posts that transform recipes from say just a useful guide to making Indian cuisine into a compelling, moving read.

Best Use of Video in Food

I Love Flavor

I Love Flavor is all the bubblegum goodness of pop-culture — funny and bright and always tongue-in-cheek — thanks to host Jenny Kelley and her infectious enthusiasm, whether she's showing you how to make gluten-free mac & cheese or how to celebrate Steak & a Blow Job Day.

Best Restaurant Web Site


Clean, sleek and easy to operate, without any obnoxious music playing in the background or PDF files to download, Hugo's Web site is everything a restaurant Web site should be. Best of all, the location and hours are listed right on the home page, no digging required.

Best Use of Twitter by a Bartender

Justin Burrow

Justin Burrow's handle says it all: @Beardand­Bitters. This bearded bartender loves his bitters, but more importantly he loves engaging with his customers on Twitter. Questions about a cocktail? He'll help you out. Just want to keep tabs on your favorite bartender and his foibles? You can do that, too.

Best Use of Twitter by a Food Truck

Eatsie Boys

The Eatsie Boys know that the best way for a food truck to survive is by providing constant updates about their menu, hours and location on Twitter. They do all of that, ably, as well as providing laughs throughout the day and throwing in obscure references to '80s movies along the way.

Best Use of Twitter by a Chef

Carlos Rodriguez

Carlos Rodriguez takes no prisoners, in real life as the executive chef of the fastidiously run Vic & Anthony's, or on Twitter. His feed is a high-energy, high-intensity, fascinating, behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to head up the busiest steakhouse in town.

Best Use of Facebook by a Restaurant

Moon Tower Inn

Moon Tower Inn has chosen Facebook instead of Twitter as its preferred platform for communicating with customers, and it does so splendidly. A deeply personalized Facebook page, the men behind Moon Tower leave hilarious photos and videos in addition to important information about specials and upcoming events on their wall.

Best Hashtag


The best way to stay on top of breaking news — or any news, for that matter — in Houston is with the #hounews hashtag. Clicking on it provides you an instant stream from thousands of Houstonians about traffic jams, wrecks, fires, bank robberies, weather updates and dozens of other topics that make it to Twitter before they make it to the nightly news.

Best Personal Blog

Juan Alanis

Alanis's Juan of Words is a perfect distillation of the Houston we all know in 2011. It's bilingual, heartfelt, hilarious and nostalgic all at once. Even if you don't read or speak Spanish, it's a fascinating read, plus it can be educational. A few weeks ago he wrote a brilliant piece about men and women sharing basic household duties that will make even the most strident macho man stop and think about marriage in the 21st century.

Best Use of Facebook by a Band or Musician

the last place you look

Most bands just shove automated updates onto their Facebook pages, but not so with the caps-lock-wary the last place you look, one of Houston's most promising rock bands. The four-piece finds time to reach out to fans among all the busy dealings of being an up-and-coming rock band, responding to comments and posting pictures and new tracks. Hopefully, once they hit arenas and stadiums, they will still remember us little people.

Best Locally Built App

MoneyWell for iPhone by No Thirst Software

This Woodlands-built personal finance app digitizes the old-fashioned envelope system for budgeting, allowing you to track every dime you spend while on the go. It also syncs wirelessly with their desktop software, though that's not required.

Best Neighborhood Blog

The Heights Life

In addition to listing weekly neighborhood events, from gallery openings to restaurant deals, The Heights Life has also covered issues more serious to the 'hood's residents, including concerns about the Walmart deal to the potential closure of public swimming pools this summer.

Best Arts Blog
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Thank You Houston Press for your attention to Houston's CYBERSphere and for recognizing our work on the Hugos' Restaurant Website. -Sincerely, DFXden


Any awards for KPRC? Their great reporting broke the story that went international: a pit near Houston with dozens of bodies; kids, adults, some mutilated.

Of course they tweeted it without a source, saying they'd cover it on the 5pm news.Turns out it was a call-in from a psychic. Nice work KPRC!



There is NO SUCH thing as a "first annual" event. Annual means yearly- a first ever event is not annual and should NOT be referred to as annual until the second year. Why does everyone make this obvious error? Why is it being made in a newspaper of all places? Is there no proofreading or editing done at the Houston Press?


By far the best Television/Movie/Music/Pop Culture Blog is then again I'm biased.


Congrats to all the winners! But I wonder what criteria is used to choose the winners? For example Best Use of Video in Entertainment. Was this based on video quality, number of views, original content, number of videos, creativity? I am a little surprised on how they won using YouTube generated content which anyone can do and does not take much work to paste a url. It's much harder to actually go out and do the actual footwork, edit your own content using thousands of $$$ in equipment and software. More attention should have been paid to originality, creativity and quality in this decision. Here are a few comparisons on original content and the work involved in covering Houston through original video content:

Lawndale Art CenterHouston Center for PhotographyFamous Houston Interior Designer Kelly Gale AmenYao Restaurant and Bar Pick any Houston Event

I do understand it is the first one but let's put a little more thought into this guys.


Oh boy this will only fuel Kylejack, the shat stirrer!! Ha ha! Don't forget the tweet about Sue Lovall's son smoking pot during his shift at El Real, and yesterday's gut funny tweet about....ready....he tried to get the lic. plate numbers of a USPS (UPS) truck driver for honking at a lady working out on Washingto...Oh the thought! Women insulted everywhere! Thank goodness we have this crime reporter on the beat!!!


...whatever, go back to Jr. High usage class and complain to your teacher who might give you a gold star. Bet you heard this on the same podcast I listen to...


hahaha he should get the award for most overexposed and self-congratulatory private citizen


Sorry, but this is a very simple thing and I tire of seeing it constantly used incorrectly, especially in "journalism"...RIDICULOUS.

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