5 Most Overrated Art Movements of All Time

Or loser?
Or loser?

Some artists working in these movements are holding it down on Art Attack's "5 Most Overrated Paintings of All Time" breakdown.

Others, like Juxtapoz and Claude Monet, are posting up on one of our overrated lists for the first time.


Good job?


5 Most Overrated Art Movements of All Time

5. Lowbrow Also referred to as "pop surrealism," 1970s Los Angeles is attributed as the time/place founders of this élan that's currently documented in hipster mags like Juxtapoz. Over the past five to ten years, the combinations of comic-book style designs with hot-rod culture and other underground subcultures have been showcased at DIY and vanity galleries everywhere -- even Astoria, Oregon, the location of The Goonies, has a lowbrow-centric space called Lunar Boy Gallery. Though Mark Ryden is nailing the character-driven style, he's one of the few. Overall, serious galleries and museums aren't sure whether to place lowbrow art on the "is this good?" or "is this crap?" scale. We tend towards the latter end.

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