A Couple of Stand-up Guys Do a Comedy Show

What happens when a Scottish immigrant, former Army Sergeant and Psychology Student at UHD walks into a bar? Well if the bar is Rudyards and the Scottish Psych major is Kevin Farren, then he invites a bunch of comics to showcase their acts for an evening of stand-up comedy. "A Couple of Stand-up Guys" will present their April Fools Eve Party on March 31, which will consist of eight of Houston's finest stand-up comedians doing what they do best: trying to make you laugh. To mix things up, two musical acts, St. Evie & Jenna Lynn and Poor Pilate, will also be performing. Farren added in the musical elements to "keep things versatile" and as a way to showcase more of what Houston has to offer by way of talent.

The comedians taking the stage are a mixed bunch including, host John Mills-McCoin, Cody Greenlee, Will Seagrim, Joe Bates, Dusti Rhodes, Tim Mathis, Thad Sweigart, Ku Egenti and Farren himself. Expect an anything goes type of show, as stand-up comedy never shies away from the blue side of the rainbow. The group is pulled from various other open mics around town, hand-picked by Farren and his team.

By his command over the comedy community you might think that Farren has been doing stand up for ages, on the contrary, he is pretty new to the game. "I've always loved comedy, and trying to make people laugh," Farren tells us, "and last September I thought, I've survived combat, why am I afraid to get on stage?" It's been a bit over six months and Farren has taken to the stage like white on rice, performing regularly around town.

This is not the first show for "A Couple of Stand-up Guys." Back in January Farren and crew presented a similar style evening at Super Happy Fun Land to a packed house. With that success under their belt, they are hoping the Rudz show brings in even more chuckle-loving audience members. The April Fools Eve Party won't be the last show like this one either. The hope is to do these types of evenings on a bi-monthly basis, with a show in May already in the works.

A Couple of Stand-up Guys' April Fools Eve Party takes place Saturday, March 31 at Rudyards. 9 pm. Tickets $10 at the door.

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Abby Koenig
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