What do you get when you mix Connie's spicy bottled michelada sauce and a cold bottle of beer in a frosty beer mug? One of the best-tasting and refreshing micheladas you'll ever have the pleasure of tasting. Often described as a Bloody Mary made with beer, the tomato-ey, spicy michelada is the quintessential everyman's beer cocktail in Mexico and Latin America, where it's typically made with lime, beer, salt and hot sauce. Connie's has taken that recipe, tweaked it and perfected it so that the micheladas there taste just right every time. Fans can even buy a pre-made bottle of michelada base to take home, but drinking a michelada at Connie's, with a fresh fried snapper or a fresh fish platter, is still the way to go.

Location Details

2525 Airline Dr.
Houston TX 77009


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