14 Notable Female Rock Drummers

Last week, we rounded up a list of our favorite female rock bassists. We'd like to continue the trend of honoring rock's finest females, by next recognizing 14 notable female rock drummers. As usual, we will focus on the live-performing, touring drummers over time, rather than studio musicians.

14. Ali Koehler: Koehler joined all-girl noise-pop band Vivian Girls in 2008, replacing their original drummer--and fellow noteworthy female drummer--Frankie Rose. Just two years after joining the band, Koehler left Vivian Girls, in order to join Best Coast, the Bethany Cosentino-led pop-rock outfit with which she currently plays.

14 Notable Female Rock Drummers

13. Atsuko Yamano: A former fashion designer, Yamano was the drummer and a founding member of the Japanese garage-punk trio Shonen Knife. She briefly switched from drummer to bassist, before leaving the band in 2006. Kurt Cobain often referred to Shonen Knife as one of his favorite bands, likening his first time seeing them live to "a hysterical 9-year-old girl at a Beatles concert."

12. Dee Plakas: Plakas was the brazen, hard-hitting drummer for all-girl alt-metal band L7 from 1987 until their official break-up in 2001. She is now married to Kirk Canning, the cellist heard on Nirvana's Nevermind.

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