Teen Angels: 10 Musicians with a Penchant for Young Girls

In the great 80s comedy Night Shift, there is a scene where Michael Keaton is driving down what appears to be the West Side Highway in New York in a brand new Cadillac with "Jumpin' Jack Flash" blaring from the speakers. In a bid to impress a mildly terrified Henry Winkler, Keaton attempts to demonstrate just how dark the window tinting is by driving next to a police car and, among other things, flipping them off and pretending to smoke a joint. As he does this he says, "We got teenage girls, the place is full of broads in here."

Point is, Keaton's character wanted to be a rock star and the closest he could get was pimp (or Love Broker if you prefer). He wanted to be a rock star because it is commonly known that they get the girls and many of those girls are teenagers.

We've all become accustomed to bad behavior by musicians -- it isn't called "sex, drugs and rock and roll" for nothing -- and it often involves young women, some innocent and impressionable, some not so much. Hell, Pamela Des Barres made a living off of the groupie lifestyle. She even refers to herself now as a "groupie guru." Shudder.

Regardless of how it is occasionally praised in songs ("Teen Angel" or "Young Girl" much?) or shrugged off as boys being boys, it's creepy and illegal and we're not talking about Garry Glitter-style pedophilia, just your garden variety fucking of teenagers that happens too often in music and goes almost entirely un-punished. Here are 10 of the more infamous cases... or maybe just the ones who got "caught."

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