The Sad Kermit Video

My roommate introduced me to the world's most revolting web phenomenon, something worse than the Virginia Tech shooter's manifesto, worse than cell phone footage of Saddam Hussein's hanging. That's right — the sad Kermit video.

Available at (if you must), the short is a parody of the last video Johnny Cash ever made, for chrissakes. Kermit the Frog sits before a black backdrop, guitar in hand and lit cigarette dangling from his lipless mouth. First he shoots heroin. Then he jerks off to a picture of Miss Piggy, before losing his amphibian erection while glancing at a picture of his deceased creator, Jim Henson. (I am not making this up.) Then he quivers, snorts blow, takes pills and appears to hang himself in the shower.


Kermit the Frog

All that's followed by some projectile vomiting and a blow job involving Rowlf the Dog. (Where is PETA when you need them?)

But the worst thing is that it's disgustingly popular, with hundreds of thousands of YouTube views. What a sad commentary on our infantilized American culture, one that needs heaping platefuls of irony and nostalgia in the same serving.


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