Alicia Silverstone Naked! Now That We've Got Your Attention...

The folks over at the


might be suffering from a case of blue balls today. Yesterday,

the paper breathlessly reported

, “Actress Alicia Silverstone's latest role is that of a glisteningly vegetarian Venus, emerging unclothed from a swimming pool to promote People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals' campaign in a TV ad premiering today in Houston and Dallas-Fort Worth.”

But the ad was pulled a few hours before it was set to air, supposedly because of the nudity. (Thanks, Comcast, for confirming to the world that we live in Backwaterville.)

Of course, this isn’t the first time a racy PETA ad’s been pulled, and gory ones have been scrapped too. Maybe the group’s figured out that they get more publicity from getting ads pulled than from actually running them.

Anyway, according to E! Online, we were picked for the ad because we’re “reportedly one the unhealthiest [cities] in the country.” This incident is unfortunate for the local population. The chick from Clueless totally would have convinced us all to give up our barbecue and burgers. – Cathy Matusow


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