Tea Partier Steve Stockman Accused of Using Charity Cash For Campaign

Tea Partier Steve Stockman Accused of Using Charity Cash For Campaign
Courtesy United States Congress
Former Texas Congressman Steve Stockman is now facing federal felony charges for allegedly funneling money meant for charity into his own campaign coffers.

Stockman, a controversial Tea Party conservative, represented Texas in the U.S. House for two terms before losing his bid for the Senate to John Cornyn in the 2014 Republican primary — and it was during this election cycle that prosecutors believe Stockman was up to some shady campaign finance practices.

According to the complaint, Stockman set up a nonprofit organization called Life Without Limits in 2011, based in Las Vegas. In 2013, a single generous donor dumped $350,000 into the charity, supposedly intended to go toward renovating the Freedom House in Washington, D.C.

But instead, it was allegedly funneled back into Stockman's bank account in Webster and was used for his own personal expenses and campaign funds — disguised as contributions from other people, according to FBI Agent Vanessa Walther.

Stockman was a Texas congressman from 1995 to 1997 and from 2013 to 2015. Just before leaving office, Stockman filed a climate-change-denial bill that he named after himself, called the Stockman Effect Act. It failed to pass.

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