The 5 Smelliest Foods You Should Never Bring to the Office

The 5 Smelliest Foods You Should Never Bring to the Office
Photo courtesy of Passive-Aggressive Notes

Two things happened this week that predicated this post.

Number one: We brought a vegetable tray to our weekly staff meeting. This was onerous enough in and of itself, as the Houston Press staffers are accustomed to chips and cookies of indeterminate but fatty origin. But the broccoli inside the vegetable tray -- while tasting perfectly fine -- gave off the distinct and aggressive odor of flatulence. It was bad enough that our editor requested the broccoli be ignominiously removed from the room and tossed into the trash.

Number two: Someone -- you know who you are -- microwaved what is likely the 832nd bag of hideously burnt popcorn in the past year, sending acrid waves of stench throughout the building.

Enough is enough, right? Most of us aren't lucky enough to work from home in our pajamas, eating whatever nasty food we want and stinking up the place in the comfort of our own privacy. Most of us work in an office. With other people. Who have noses. And who may or may not hate you, depending upon what you've been cooking up in the breakroom.

It goes without saying that you shouldn't eat foods like the dead corpse-scented durian, Limburger cheese, natto or really any other fermented food product in the office. You must have some olfactory common sense that would make you avoid those foods out of politeness to others, right? So here is the list of the top five more common foods you should avoid eating / cooking / reheating in the office at all costs. Don't say we didn't try to teach you better.

Look at it. It looks like cancer. It looks like death. COME ON.
Look at it. It looks like cancer. It looks like death. COME ON.
Photo by The Dead Dude

5. Popcorn: Like we just said, it pisses everyone in your office off when you microwave popcorn. Why? Two reasons: Number one, most people burn the popcorn. For whatever reason, microwaves seem hellbent on nearly incinerating a bag of Orville Redenbacher no matter how short an amount of time you cook it. 30 seconds? BAM. BURNT. And number two, on the rare occasions you don't burn the popcorn and stink up the whole place with an odor that clings to the walls like 1970s Holly Hobby wallpaper, another smell takes its place: the smell of FOOD WE CAN'T HAVE. Unlike other people who are quietly sitting at their desks, odorlessly munching on a bag of peanut M&Ms or a Special K bar (losers), you're letting everyone in a 50-yard range know that you're eating food they can't have. Delicious, buttery, crunchy, movie theater food. That's not for them. Jerk.

Photo by anjuli ayer

4. Curry: Maybe you don't live in an area with a high concentration of curry fans. But if you live in, say, the United Kingdom or Houston -- where we have lots of curry eaters -- you know the aroma of a freshly-microwaved bowl of Indian food. It's the person eating it. To everyone else, the strong scent of the curry punches you in the face with a force that makes your eyes water and your nose run. Worse -- like the burnt popcorn smell -- the overwhelming aroma lingers for days, making your entire workplace smell like the line cook's clothes at Bombay Brasserie after pulling a double. (No offense to Bombay, of course, whose saag paneer we love).

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