Porter Robinson at Stereo Live

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Porter Robinson played for his many fans at a very sold-out Stereo Live. The lesson here: Porter Robinson makes the floors sweat. PHOTOS BY AMANDA CAIN

Published on January 27, 2013

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Hey bud, I'm so glad that you assume you know so much about me. I honestly don't know why I'm going to even bother replying to you because you posted an anonymous comment and probably wont see this, but I hope by chance this gets to you so maybe you can be enlightened a little more about the "scene" you claim that I am destroying. First of all, I've been listening to dance music since I was 14, I am now almost 23. Secondly, if you are going to preach about PLUR, you shouldn't be ragging on anybody.. AT ALL. I do believe the last letter stands for RESPECT and you clearly have none. If you truly believed in PLUR like you claim you do, you would not be "hating" on me because I don't fit your stereotypical mold of what a "raver" is. Also, as far as PLUR goes, I PLUR'ed away a ton of kandi to people who came up and asked for it even though they had none to PLUR back in the hopes that one day they would do the same to someone who was new to the dance music scene - the same way people who had been into the scene for a while first welcomed me to it. They didn't hate on me because I was new to it. And once again, if you're going to nitpick my clothing that I chose to wear, the spirit hood was a gift from a younger sibling. I'm from NJ, yes, do I like paulie d & jersey shore, no, but it's where I call my home and I represent it. So if you can't show respect to someone who is different than you, you should probably stay home next time because you totally threw off the good vibes I had from a wonderful night with so many fantastic people. Feel free to hit me up on twitter or facebook if you care to make more fun of me. PLURon "BRO" 


I remember this kid that night..A True Example of a "BRO" That's Ruining our EDM scene and DESTROYING the soul perpose of PLUR & our music..Only there for one reason and that would be the wrong reason to be thier period.. I really like the generic hoodie to fit in.. o00o & BTW i love the neon "Paulie D- Jersey Shore" tank top!! That just puts a cherry on it!

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