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Big Pieces of AstroWorld for Sale on eBay

Do you still feel a little ache in your soul when you drive by the empty field across from NRG Park and the Astrodome? Maybe down in the pit of your stomach where you used to get the butterflies on Greased Lightning? Well, if you do and you have some dough to drop, one eBay seller is offering a ton of AstroWorld's leftover iconic items. Thetexasantiquehunter has netted some pretty sweet swag that will make any Houstonian feel nostalgic.

Here's one of the trams that you were always too eager to wait for when you first arrived and desperately grateful for at the end of a long day roaming the park. Unfortunately, it does not currently work, according to the seller.

Did anyone ever get to actually ride the Texas Tornado? That thing was always broken down, apparently because the friction-drive was never intended to deal with Texas summers (the coaster was originally built in Germany). Still, if you were one of the lucky ones who want to celebrate the short-lived coaster, the sign is for sale.

Now this is what I'm talking about! Though the coaster itself was a little disappointing, you have to admit the Mayan Mindbender really sold itself on the ambience. That temple entrance near Thunder River, the jungle full of crashed jeeps and skeletons and the fire-lit temple itself made you very forgiving of the fact that you essentially were riding a kiddie coaster with your eyes closed.

Another famous sign...although frankly, the way this shot is composed, it feels more like an art installation about the fall of America.

Oh hey, the waterwheels! The seller has both the big 12-foot-one that I believe was located in the Western area and the smaller seven-foot one that I think was back in the Alpine Valley. It's funny the things you remember that you didn't even know you knew.

Finally we have probably the coolest of the haul. There are ten of the gondolas from the Alpine AstroWay that were supposed to be shortcuts from one end of the park to another but were generally used as makeout booths by dates. Still, it was always neat to get a bird's-eye view of the park, and the line was shorter than for the AstroNeedle. Whether sitting in one now and reminiscing is worth $2,000 (or best offer) is up to you, though.

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