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Bill Cosby Sweater Poll; Best Use of Your Work Day

Right now we'll assume you are sitting at your desk, counting down the seconds until your boss leaves and you and your coworkers can make a swift break for the holiday weekend. Face it, you are doing no work today; you have checked Facebook at least 85 times and because no one else is doing work the majority of your friends' posts are about belly button lint and where tea sandwiches were invented.

Bill Cosby is here to save you and it doesn't involve pudding pops at all, although they are quite delicious and a cool treat this time of year. Bill Cosby has obviously hired the most brilliant marketing people in the history of marketing because currently he is sponsoring a "Cosby Sweater Tournie." That's right, currently on billcosby.com, you can partake in a all-out bad sweater throw-down, NCAA basketball style!

The first round is in "The Crew," as in neck, category, and then broken into sweater type: argyle, cashmere, cardigan and pullover. The winner of the first round will go on to compete against a heap of other wonderful descriptive classifications such as "The Sweat, "The Warmest" and "The Fleecy."

I always wondered if dressing Cosby in such absurd frocks was a conscious stylist's choice or if he was just wearing his own sweaters to work, hoping that eventually they would catch on. And catch on they did!

If you don't recall the awesomeness of the Cosby sweater, here's an interesting backstory on where the Cosby sweater came from.

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Abby Koenig
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