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Comedian Anjelah Johnson's on Sale and Coming to Houston

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Comedian/actress Anjelah Johnson might not want to take any fashion tips from her alter ego, Bon Qui Qui, a pretty, if slightly unsophisticated, ghetto glamorous street thug, but she might want to ask her for some business advice.

The day Johnson's most recent comedy special, The Homecoming Show, was released on Amazon, it was deeply discounted. Instead of the $14.98 suggested price, Amazon was selling it for $7 and change. An almost 50 percent discount on its first day. Ouch.

The price reductions didn't stop there. We purchased an online copy of the special a few days ago. The sales price was a whopping $4.99. (Again, about 50 percent off the suggested price.) We thought that was a bargain-basement price and it couldn't get any cheaper, right? Wrong. Amazon sent us a $1 rebate for the purchase, bringing the grand total to $3.99. O-u-c-h.

Anjelah, baby, you gotta get a business manager.

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Luckily, Bon Qui Qui demands a better price point.

This coming summer, Bon Qui Qui is going on tour. Bon Qui Qui, you see, has landed a record deal with Warner Music Nashville and she's just released her first CD, Gold Plated Dreams. It's on sale for $9.46.

Tracks on the album include "I'm a Cut You," "Oh No He Didn't," "No Boyfren" and Securrity." All of the songs (which are actually quite danceable) and the accompanying music videos (which are seriously funny) are based on Johnson's comedy routines. "No Boyfren," for example, grew out of her nail salon bit featuring a pushy nail technician with a strong Vietnamese accent who repeatedly asks Johnson why she doesn't have a boyfriend. The nail tech promises Johnson that the right manicure is all she needs to rectify the situation.

"Securrity" references the time Bon Qui Qui worked as a King Burger cashier where she routinely called on security guards to dispatch problematic customers. (Unfortunately, Bon Qui Qui's definition of "problematic" was anyone asking for extra pickles or daring to change his or her order.)

"It's crazy, right?" Johnson laughs. "All of these talented musicians are working so hard to try and get a record deal, and Bon Qui Qui, who isn't even a real person, gets signed to a contract."

For her upcoming Houston show, expect Johnson, who has an enthusiastic Houston following, to discuss her new husband ("He's so funny, I have to stop myself from doing the whole hour on him"), the cultural differences between Mexicans, Puerto Ricans and Filipinos (spicy vs non-spicy foods, incomprehensible accents and odd facial expressions), to clarify the fact that she's not gay (female fans often hit on her) and extol the genius of tacos (portable, versatile and easily converted into burritos or enchiladas).

Anjelah Johnson has two shows scheduled for Houston 7 and 10 p.m. on March 14. Bayou Music Center, 520 Texas. For information, call 713-230-1600 or visit bayoumusiccenter.com. $35.

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