Comment of the Day: Farewell, Cy Twombly

Over the past couple of hours, we have been touched by many of the tributes posted on Twitter to American artist Cy Twombly, who died earlier today in Rome. So instead of doing our self-gratification exercise, we figured we'd post the moving/funny/interesting things that have blipped their way onto the Twittersphere today:

@artspace: We are taking a moment of silence to remember Cy Twombly and his influence on the contemporary art world.

@MariaMartorell: Sad Cy Twombly died. Can't forget his Lepanto at @MFAH a few years ago and the Cy Twombly Gallery @MenilCollection

@jordanbreal: Twombly's 53-ft-long "Say Goodbye Catullus..." at the @MenilCollection is on my short list of best art in TX. RIP, Cy.

@DiaArtFndnMourning the loss of one of the foremost artists of our time, Cy Twombly. Our deepest sympathy to his family & friends.

@WNYC: In 2007, a French fan was arrested for kissing a $2 mil Cy Twombly canvas. Then she paid for the cleaning.

@houstonarts: Cy Twombly passes away at age 83. Learn more about his contribution to Houston at

@klopoknik: Thanks Internet. In the past ten minutes I've been forced to look up what both a "Casey Anthony" and a "Cy Twombly" are.

@artnetdotcom: RIP Cy Twombly, 1928-2011, the original graffiti artist

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