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Did Anyone Else in the World Not Like Bridesmaids?

The ladies of the Bridesmaids movie just keep racking up the accolades. Last week during the SAG awards, they stole the evening with a Martin Scorsese-based drinking game (every time the iconic director's name was said during the evening, the crowd had to drink). The girls also have two Oscar nominations for their flick, Best Original Screenplay for Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo and Best Supporting Actress for scene-stealer Melissa McCarthy. These recent scores are on top of the fact that Bridesmaids was a massive box office sensation, pulling in almost $300 million worldwide. The film has shown up on numerous accredited critics top ten lists and currently boasts a 90 percent overall rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Everyone just looooves Bridesmaids.

Except me.

I will admit that I came to the Bridesmaids table slightly after the dinner bell had rung, waiting until it was released on Netflix to view it. That being said, maybe my impression of just how "amazingly hilarious" the movie was going to be was already overinflated. This fact may account for a twinge of disappointment, but my complete lack of interest in the movie has nothing to do with the hype.

I genuinely do not understand the overwhelming approval of this movie, and I would not be surprised to find others in my camp. Was Bridesmaids really that funny? Is there an emperor's clothes thing going on here?

Oh yes, there were funny moments. I especially liked when Wiig told off the teenager in her jewelry shop. Overall, I found the movie, in many senses, to be unbelievable, which was a turnoff. How in the course of several months did Maya Rudolph's character completely change her personality and ditch her BFF? How horrible could Kristen Wiig's life become?

When Bridesmaids was released, it was mistakenly being touted as The Hangover from the female perspective (and many fought this notion). It is obvious that it is not. While both movies similarly develop the more depressing lives of their characters, The Hangover does not pretend to be anything other than a movie about a bunch of drunk dudes that have an absurd adventure. Bridesmaids was just absurd.

Maybe it's because Bridesmaids is about women that I feel it could have done better for our sex. Raunchy jokes are certainly funny, but why do women feel that they have to go blue to get anywhere in comedy? Wiig is a phenomenally funny person and her NBC constraints don't allow her to get particularly dirty, but she also doesn't need it.

Being dirty as a comedian can be a crutch, and Wiig has never leaned that way before. If Bridesmaids paved the way for female-centric comedy and brought attention to an all-woman cast, more power to them! We need more funny females getting the spotlight. However, we also need women that can crack you up without making you watch them have diarrhea.

I was trying to think of some hilarious women-only movies that stayed the course, and will admit it's tough! Steel Magnolias came to mind, in which potty humor was never an issue, but other than a few, most ensemble comedies star men.

We need to change the playing field, and if Bridesmaids has started the conversation, I will back it; I just can't say I found it to be all that good.

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Abby Koenig
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