Fall 2011: 5 Fashion Trends We Love

It's July, and you know what that means--the fashion houses are trying to convince us that fall is just around the corner! The Fall 2011 couture and RTW collections have been released, and it's making this heat and humidity even harder to bear. My kingdom for jeans and tall leather boots! While I pine for cooler temps that allow me to layer pretty scarves over long-sleeve shirts, I look over the fall collections for inspiration.

Trend: Polka Dots

If Diane von Furstenberg approves, then so do I. Polka dots were all over her 2011 fall collection, in a variety of sizes. I'm tiny so I tend toward small prints, and I like polka dots because they are really very wearable. I am in love with the midriff-revealing, Gloria Vanderbilt polka dots with the cowl-neck (pictured, above right).

Polka dots are at once whimsical and a classic. Daytime and casual looks can support a larger polka dot motif, while smaller polka dots can be quite elegant for evening; pair a black dress with white polka dots with pearls and heels, and voila! One jewelry trend to look for this season are long, opera-length strand necklaces. I'm already on the lookout for a long, single-strand of faux pearls to wear with my BCBG polka dot cocktail dress.

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Christina Uticone