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For Your Consideration: Art Attack's Oscar Predictions

It's that time. For months and months, various media outfits have been taking wild stabs at Oscar predictions and to which lucky-ducks will be taking home the coveted golden statuette. Every year it seems that the whole country is "over the Oscars" before they even start, but we all still tune in for the three-plus-hour broadcast. We can't lie and say we won't watch, but we will be switching between the award show and World's Toughest Prisons, airing on the National Geographic Channel (you're welcome).

The thing about the Oscars is that they don't necessarily reflect the best out there, just the films that sell themselves to the Academy best. "For your consideration" marketing campaigns have been known to cost almost as much as the movie itself.

But let us not dump on Hollywood's big night. When else are celebrities given the opportunity to get all decked out in absurdly expensive clothing, borrow millions of dollars worth of jewels and subject themselves to Joan Rivers's mocking? Well...just about every night, we suppose.

For your consideration, Art Attack's Oscar Predictions.

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Abby Koenig
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