Goodbye Mixers & Elixirs: The HMNS's Popular Party Goes Extinct

After seven years, Mixers & Elixirs, the Houston Museum of Natural Science's popular prehistoric dance party, is going the way of the dinosaur. This Friday marks the end of the series forever. Never short of good music, good times and a packed house, Art Attack inquired as to why M&E was coming to an untimely end.

For now, the museum is shifting its focus on its expansion. If you've been living under a cataclasite (that's a type of rock), you probably haven't heard that the museum has its sights set on a new paleontology hall opening the summer of 2012. Described as a "Prehistoric Safari," the museum will increase by 30,000 square feet, making room for 24 more dinosaurs, including the most mounted T. Rexes on display anywhere in the world.

Though M&E is ending, Latha Thomas, VP of Marketing and Communications for the museum, says they are already brainstorming for the next incarnation of the event, but was tight-lipped on the details. "While Mixers & Elixirs is extremely popular, we are excited about what's next," she tells us. With the expansion well under way, patrons will have even more dinos to rock out with.

If you are planning on hitting up this Friday's party, be prepared for a big crowd.

The last Mixers & Elixirs is this Friday, August 26 from 7 to 10 p.m. Grupo Ka-Che will be performing. For more information visit www.hmns.org.

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