It's Your Mad Men Season Six Season Premiere Drinking Bingo Card!

The Art Attack team is more than excited by the return of Mad Men to AMC for its sixth season of sloshed advertising intrigue, sexy '60s business attire and the chance to see the outline of star Jon Hamm's prized trouser snake in his gabardine prison. Wait, he doesn't want us talking about it, right?

Pop Rocks: Your Guide to Watching Mad Men Without Staring at the "Hamm-Bone"

Yes this season (the second-to-last according to creator Matthew Weiner) is sure to be a doozy as the agency and its employees march into the '70s. I can already see Don Draper in a leisure suit wooing a damaged disco bunny, and Sally Draper starting a punk band in the Bowery.

Mad Men Season Six's Time-Jumps: What We Really Want To See

Sunday night we'll all be glued to our LCD masters as the show's two-hour season premiere unfurls. But why not make it interesting with our drinking bingo card? It's only fair that you get a little sauced while watching Don, Roger, Pete and the crew guzzle the brown water.

I suggest getting a bottle of Rebecca Creek Whiskey and some filterless Camels for the evening.

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