Kid Icarus: Upring: It's Good, But We're Not Sure Who It's for

We're a little late on reviewing the latest Kid Icarus title for the 3DS, the first game in the series in 19 years and only the third entry, not counting Smash Brothers appearances. Our hero Pit has always been something of a nostalgia character without any real history as a unit-selling commodity, but he acquits himself well in Uprising.

The game is fast and frantic, somewhere between a rail and a first-person shooter. You control Pit as he is guided by the goddess Palutena against the force of the underworld. Typically, play involves a fantastic flight through fantasy skies taking out enemies before descending to the ground in order to hunt the boss through various fortresses. You control Pit with the circular pad, aim with the stylus and fire with the L trigger.

We're going to get this out of the way real fast. Being forced to use the circular pad hurts. We gave up pretty quick on the Ocarina of Time re-release specifically because of it. Maybe it's the fact that the high placement of the pad throws off the weight of holding the system, or maybe we just have big hands not designed for using the pad, but if you power through the pain like we did and play for three hours straight (For the record: Nintendo does NOT recommend you do that), you are going to feel the pain.

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