Meme Of The Week: The Frowning Royal Wedding Three-Year-Old

You remember the royal wedding, right? That small gathering in London a few days back where Princess Diana's kid and that really, cute leggy girl got married? After the events of yesterday, with our military finally taking down Osama Bin Laden, it was sort of forgotten amongst all the cheering and climbing of streetlights.

But as the royal couple, the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge settle into married life, we can't forget that three-year-old girl who captured the hearts of the meme community by covering her ears in near-terror at the sounds coming from the crowd as the new couple kissed in front of thousands at Buckingham Palace.

Before lunch time here in the States, her image had already been Photoshopped into countless iconic pictures. Before the last piece of royal wedding cake was even cut, she had her own (fake) Twitter account. She was a mini-celeb of amonst the meme gods by the time Saturday morning rolled around in England.

One thing is for sure, little Grace Van Cutsem is going to have one of the best opening lines ever at job interviews and first-dates for the rest of her life, and who knows, maybe she can make an encore appearance at Prince Harry's wedding, whenever that is.

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