Meow...Er...Meme of the Week: Business Cat

Business Cat is a precious lil' love muffin I wanna squeeze and hold, but if I spent five minutes at his office loving on hims, I would go into allergic shock and look like I was in a tear-gassed bunker in World War I, so I can only stand by and giggle.

This is Business Cat, a meme that caught fire a few weeks ago, featuring a kitty in a collar and tie, putting the screws to his clerical underlings. With visions of Office Space and Glengarry Glen Ross dancing in their heads, along with meme-ery's kitty fetish, it was a match made in heaven.

Also, I think cats are aliens and not from Earth. My grandmother told me that. I'm horribly allergic to the felines, so whenever I talk to chicks I have to ask if they have cats because if they do, I'll walk the other way.

Also, whenever someone throws a party, my question isn't "Do you need me to bring ice?" or "Where's the jar with the keys in it?", or even "Is that hooker dead?" It's to ask if they have a cat. Because Hlavaty don't play with no pussy.

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