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Rest of the Best: 10 Best Places for Parkour in Houston

If you're unfamiliar with the term, parkour is basically what happens when people play Super Mario Bros in real life. You find yourself a good spot full of interesting terrain, then you jump, climb, spin, and flip off of it until you basically collect all the underwear of anyone who happens to see you. It's not for the meek, and it's amazing to watch in progress.

Outside of various gym and groups that give parkour lessons and help you train, there are at least ten good spots that will allow you to really show off your skills. Get ready to run.

Special thanks to Autumn Smith and Dakao Do of Sword to Sword for their help compiling this article as the author is on NO way qualified to physically do any of it.

10. Lee and Joe Jamail Skatepark I've ranked the skatepark so low not because it isn't awesome to do parkour there. It clearly is from the above video. The problem is that you're not usually going to find space or permission to really pull off your moves. Catch them in an open mood, though and get ready to really show off.

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