Shot In The Dark: Music Photographers' Personal Wish Lists

UPDATE (3:23 p.m.): Promotional video by Monica Fuentes added after the jump.

Slowly but surely, Art Attack's sister blog Rocks Off has been getting ready for their "Shot In the Dark" photo exhibition at Warehouse Live's Studio next Thursday. Our 12 photographers have chosen the photos they will be exhibiting and we are working on lining up music, food and whatnot. Remember to bring cash, not to get in (it's free) and not just for the bar, but because prints of each photographer's work will be available for sale.

As "Rocks Off," I don't envy our photographers. I have been in the pit enough times to know it ain't no picnic down there - read this if for some reason you'd like to know more of the absurd measures it sometimes takes to get those singing faces onto your computer screen - and as many shows as they have all shot for me in the past few years, I also don't envy them having to narrow down their exhibition choices to just a handful.

So I decided to give them a break, by asking the Shot In the Dark participants to give me the one artist or band they haven't shot yet but would most like to. I also asked them to confine it to the living and (more or less) actively touring. Their answers were about as diverse as the list of shows they have already shot, but if the Rolling Stones do tour again soon (like I've been hearing), I'm going to have a real problem on my hands.

Call it in the air, guys.

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