Star Wars Day Fun: Top Ten "As Darth Vader" Videos

Today is May 4th, the unofficial Star Wars Day in pop-culture. You get it, may the fourth day be with you? Apologies to those afflicted with lisps of course, who helped makes today infinitely possible. And no, we didn't just load those last two sentences with lisp-carrier land mines on purpose.

Social media is blowing up like the planet Alderaan with Star Wars video clips and references all day. We started seeing pictures of hot chicks in Star Wars shirts on Tumblr as the clock struck midnight late Tuesday night as well.

Funny, we have yet to see any "Hot Guys In Star Wars Underwear" sites popping up as of this writing, but it's not for lack of our own trying. We couldn't get anyone to stop laughing while they were taking our picture.

One of our favorite strains of the endless, massive Star Wars worship online, besides those (mostly) pretty girls in Star Wars shirts is the series of videos featuring other film dialog in the place of James Earl Jones' original Vader dialog. It's a lot funnier than it should be, and we can imagine it takes a masterful skill to splice in the words just so. And who would have ever thought to use Val Kilmer's Doc Holliday from Tombstone?

So sit back, waste some company time, and watch ten of the best Darth Vader spoofs we could find. If your boss gives you any guff, try to choke them from across the room just like ol' Darth and they will more than likely just send you home, so you can watch even more Star Wars videos.

Charlie Sheen

Tommy Wiseau from The Room

Al Pacino

Homer Simpson

Arnold Schwarzenegger

James Earl Jones

Doc Holliday from Tombstone

Samuel L. Jackson

Jeff Lebowski

Gunnery Sergeant Hartman from Full Metal Jacket

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