The Voice: The Final Results

Finally, it's here! How will I say goodbye to these special times I share each week with Carson Daly? I'm working on a transition plan. The Voice has come to a close, and the final results are in--who will be the very first "Voice"? Before we find out, there will be retrospective footage, a disjointed behind-the-scenes look at the finalists' visit to the Jay Leno show (Vicci: "I've always wanted to be on Jay Leno." Really? Jay Leno?) and duets with stars of varying brightness.

Never fear, Voice fans! As Carson reminds us a half-dozen times during the live! telecast, The Voice is currently auditioning for season two, slated to air this winter. So hold on tight! Considering all of the other stuff that gets plugged on this show--the coaches' music, visiting artists' CDs and tours--I can't believe NBC wouldn't let Carson Daly plug his own late-night show Last Call just once. Did I miss that when I was fast-forwarding through Allison Haislip's social media monologues?

Onward, to tonight's episode ...

Vicci Martinez

Vicci reminisces about the beginning of the show, and although both Christina and Cee Lo turned around from her she's sure that she made the right choice for herself by picking Cee Lo because he pushes her to be better. Vicci also reminisces about her father, a plumber who passed away without realizing his own dream to become a performer. During an interview from her Benatar "Battlefield" performance, in which she is in full makeup and costume, she comments that Cee Lo has really rubbed off on her and points to her outfit. HILARIOUS.

Vicci duets with Pat Monahan of the band Train, and they perform "Drops of Jupiter." This guy's forehead just keeps getting scarier. I know this song is a catchy radio monstrosity but I still turn it up and belt it out when I'm in the car--sue me. The performance is a bit flat--but I'm comparing this to last week's Mad Max meets Pat Benatar, so it's bound to pale in comparison.

Cee Lo's final thoughts: "You remind me of a lot of people, but nobody reminds me of you." ADORABLE.

The show then cuts to Allison Hayslip in the social media room. They stick this girl in a cocktail dress and an up-do and have her read Tweets off an iPad and call it a job? Um, no. Fast forward.

Javier Colon

Javier Colon recalls his nerves during the rehearsals, and how he was surprised that all of the judges turned around. On picking Adam: "I believed him when he said 'I need you on my team.'"

Javier duets w/ Stevie effin' Nicks! And they are performing "Landslide." The first line brings me to tears and I'm officially a puddle. Stevie is MY GIRL and this song is MY FAVE. Also, her hair AND her skin look fuckin' great. Bitch is like 63! Is she wearing Chanel gloves? Why can't Lindsey Buckingham be here? Why can't he and Stevie be married? I'm getting off track. The song is so beautiful, and even though I prefer the original arrangement--and these two have a couple of slight timing issues--I am going to download this.

Adam's final thoughts: "I told Stevie Nicks I wasn't going to cry on national television. That's the coolest thing you've ever done other than have kids. You're one of my heroes because you sang with her."

Beverly McClellan

Beverly reflects on her years as a performer. "I'm the oldest person here but maybe the youngest at heart. I've waited for this moment for so long."

Beverly's duet is with OneRepublic's Ryan Tedder, and they perform "Good Life." I immediately love the '80s vibe of the song and the styling. I think this is kind of a departure for Beverly and--yikes, it actually ends up a little muddled. Can these two hear one another? I like hearing and seeing Beverly do something not just high-energy, but really upbeat so I can live without perfect vocals.

Christina's final thoughts: "I love you so much and you are such a professional. You blow everyone away time and time again. I just thank you for all your hard work and your belief in me and trust in me as a coach." Then Christina thanks the other coaches for their support--did someone read her some of her less-than-flattering reviews or what?

Dia Frampton

Dia waxes poetic about being on Blake's team. They show an interview with him, and he says she doesn't just sing, she has a vision and calls that "precious and rare." Blake describes Dia (and his wife) as "mold breakers"

Dia duets w/ Miranda Lambert on "The House that Built Me." I haven't a clue about this song, but Dia sounds amazing as usual. Miranda Lambert has a really beautiful voice, too. I just don't listen to much contemporary country these days but maybe I should start. Suggestions anyone? Lambert sounds legit; not the usual manufactured pop-country fare.

Blake's final thoughts: "I know now why I get so emotional when I'm around you. Watching you sing that song with my wife, you're family to me now and I love you."

After the 22nd commercial break of the hour, Carson promises us the results we have been waiting for ...

The audience is going wild! Carson is drawing it out, reminding us whose team everyone is on again. The vote was close, says Carson, and the top 2 were within 2% of each other. My husband points out that this really isn't *that* close if, say, a million votes were cast and I tell him to shut up because this is TELEVISION and CARSON DALY so who cares.

To draw it out just a minute longer, Carson says he is going to announce the top 2 in no particular order: Dia Frampton & Javier Colon! This is our final two! Beverly and Vicci look genuinely happy as they are whisked off to the side, out of camera range. Christina & Cee Lo come up to congratulate and give their protégés love.

Carson continues to fill air time, and lets us know that #1 & #2 on iTunes last night were Dia and Javier, and then Carson wonders if we're ready to hear the WINNER SAY IT SAY IT SAY IT ....

Javier Colon is the first winner of The Voice, ever! Confetti falls, the audience roars, his fellow finalists are all smiles, and I'm Carson Daly-free until season two.

Somehow that doesn't make me as happy as I thought it would. Maybe I'll start recording Last Call.

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