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Top 5 Old School Video Game Adaptations of Modern Hollywood

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We talk a lot about video games here because they'll pay us to do so and holy crap that sentence gets more awesome every single time we type it. Even though we've finally grown up and embraced the complete awesomeness of seventh-gen systems and the photorealistic magic and being of Batman, a part of us will always long for the days of 8-bit and 16-bit gaming that we grew up with.

Apparently we're not the only people who think that the NES era technology still has relevance. Here are five great modern classics reimagined as old-school Nintendo games that we would drop real money on if they were actually available.

05. Dr. Horrible's Sing-long Game

This game would sell itself simply by putting "You control Neil Patrick Harris" on the box. Sure, it looks mostly like an obnoxious fetch quest of a title, but even the possibility of there being a code that unlocks an ending where Felicia Day lives is worth any amount of scavenger hunting. Playing the game isn't an option, but you can download a sweet chiptune version of the soundtrack here.

04. Breaking Bad RPG

We've been meaning to give Breaking Bad, and this Famicon-style adaptation has pretty much sealed the deal. Plus, if you slow down the text, we're pretty sure it offers helpful advice on making meth. Not that we want to make meth or anything, we just love learning.

03. Twilight Interactive Game

Even though there is absolutely nobody without severe brain damage that would want to play a Twilight game, this one is actually pretty ingenious, being that it uses embedded links in the video to make it so you can actually play the game. Granted, it's not much more than a Choose Your Own Adventure process, but it's pretty damn clever. Too bad it's wasted on something horrible.

02. Full House Tournament Fighter Turbo

Confession time, we've seen every episode of Full House. We're not proud of this, we don't love it in an ironic way, and we know that this brings shame to our family. The only unfortunate thing about a game allowing you to stage a battle between Uncle Jesse and Joey is that someone has to win. We love how the makers went out of their way to include horrible hit detection and awkward controls.

01. Game of Thrones RPG

Another gem from the same studio that brought you Dr. Horrible's Sing-long Game. In addition to the fun of having "Incest" as a command, we've always thought it would be neat if a game questioned our battle decisions. Is it really necessary to summon Bahamut to destroy these goblins just so you can see the cool animation? By the way, don't watch that video if you haven't seen Season 1, as it gives away some pretty important plot points.

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